His Story

In his late teens he reunited with his real Father after not seeing him for 10 years. His Father had become a devout Christian during their time apart and introduced him to Jesus and the guitar at the same time. Michael John immediately took to the guitar and began writing songs about his new faith. Within a year he put a band together (with his Dad on bass) and recorded his first demo in conjunction with touring around Southern California. His raw determination led him through 4 different bands before hitting the winning combination with “The Crimson Element”, where a development deal out of Nashville landed the band to be the second signing right behind “Casting Crowns” on Beach Street Records / Provident. The band was also named one of the Top 10 Independent Bands to watch by Christianity Today, and earned 2 break out artist of the year awards from their partnership with World Vision. Unfortunately, during negations with Provident Records, their investor became inflexible on some terms and the band was eventually dropped from what was going to be a Major Label deal. Still determined, Michael John refinanced his home, paid off the investor, and launched the project himself as a solo artist which included National Distribution and Radio Promotion. His first single, “Words” did reach the National Radio and Records charts going #1 in Florida. When his daughter Michaela turned 7 and the economy got soft in 2008, he decided it was time to hang up the constant touring and flying all over the world in exchange for a Director level job at a large Ministry in Maryland. This allowed him to provide a more stable environment for his family as well as quality time with his daughter.

"Now that Michaela is almost 17 and basically independent, I feel it's a good time do music ministry once again. I now have a lot more life experience, and a completely different motive as I'm not really trying to "make it" as a Christian Artist, I simply just want to use my brokenness for His glory! - Michael John
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